Babinda and the surrounding area should be explored. From the sensational baker in the main street to the crystal clear river at The Boulders it is a place that truly represents North Queensland. There is abundant wildlife, secluded swimming holes and untouched rainforest. Drop in for a swim or a BBQ and you may be rewarded with a sighting of a cassowary or a few platypus. 

: Approximately 1260 

Distance from closest major city: 
68km south of Cairns on the Bruce Hwy (Highway One) 


The indigenous people used the word "binda" to describe a waterfall. It is believed that Babinda is a variation of this term and due to the waterfalls and the heavy rain in the area, a logical name. There is a strong aboriginal history in this area. 

Feel of the town

Babinda is a small town approximately 20 minutes drive north of Innisfail. The sugar mill is the main focus of the town and most people work in the sugar industry in one way or another. Babinda is nestled in the amongst very lush farming lands and tropical rainforest. The town is impeccably tidy and it is a good place to stop for lunch. Babinda Hotel looks like most hotels in North Queensland but it does have an unusual history that the locals and the publican will gladly share with you. The real beauty of Babinda is found in the National Parks located within a few minutes drive. The Babinda Boulders are well equipped with barbecues, picnic shelters and toilets.

Bramston Beach

Located 17kms from Babinda, Bramston Beach is a small beachside community. There is a basic caravan and camping ground located right on the water. Bramston Beach itself is a long, palm lined beach perfect for a swim, BBQ or a picnic.

Josephine Falls

A very popular picnic spot just 8km off the main highway. There is a huge waterfall, swimming holes and rainforest walks. Josephine Falls are located at the base of Mt Bartle Frere, the highest peak in Queensland at 1657m.

The Boulders

Similar to Josephine Falls the Boulders are a popular freshwater swimming hole set amongst thick rainforest (considered one of the most beautiful places in Australia by the author). There are a number of walking tracks that are easy and well marked. There are good picnic and BBQ facilities. The Boulders make a perfect stop on a hot day and it is an area that the whole family can enjoy.

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